Sunday, January 18, 2009

They Seriously Can't Do That

So I went to to see if anything was new when I saw an article titled "Bonds OK'd for New York Ballparks", and for a second I thought "Oh crap, we signed Barry Bonds! The season is lost!", but then I clicked on the article and it was about how the Yankees had been granted the tax-exempt bonds they were seeking to finish the stadium. So, now I say, don't do that. It was cruel and unnecessarily mean, not unlike Cashman's means of demoting players.


Anonymous said...

crule and unusual punishment eh?
I probably would of started feaking out had I read that first!
I never really got why guys would do steriods. i mean yea, it supposedly makes you stronger, or helps you put on muscel like 2x quicker, but if you got respect for the game, how could you bring yourself to do that? I mean , i practicaly bitch'd slapped my doctor when he tried to give me my shots, I dont see how you would disgrace the game like that.uhg. i dont know wether to have sympathy for these guys or throw the asterick key from my keyboard at them if i see them n the streets. the ugly side of baseball can suck it! grr!

Fernando Alejandro said...

The part about it that I don't like is it really put down the accomplishments of guys like Maris, Ruth, and Aaron. Here are guys who did it with technique, skill, and natural strength. Bonds, Sosa, McGwire, they all likely cheated, and if none of them make the hall, I feel completely fine with it.

Anonymous said...

hahaha I thought the same thing when I saw that headline.

Anonymous said...

Well, thank Gawd for brevity.
If it had said "Phony, Overinflated Bonds..." You probaly wouldn't have bothered reading the article, and today this would be the "Respect Reyes Gangster" blog, and nobody would read it because nobody likes to listen to a lot of crying.