Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Here Are Your Answers

I recently read an article in the NY Post condeming the Yankees for this financing mess. Levine has been very vocal against Assemblyman Richard Brodsky making references to Brosky as trying to hurt the people of New York, and calling his actions "disgraceful". In response to these comments, the author sarcastically writes: "How dare anyone question a $370 million shortfall in the original estimate of public financing for the Yankees! Hey, there's some taxpayer in every dollar of CC Sabathia's $161 million!"

So let me get this right. You mean to tell me that a construction project went over budget? Nonesense I say! Is it really that big of a surprise that a project as massive as the new Yankee Stadium would go over budget, when building a 1-story ranch regularly goes over budget? Heck, people miss their projected budgets just trying to paint their house. There is no doubt that the Yankees got a great deal with this stadium and the financing, but when you can tell me where all that government money for the banks went, then you can take an issue with the Yankee stadium. At least the new Yankee stadium looks to be profitable and will continue to provide jobs for people. How many jobs have been lost at the banks, and how many billions have been poured into them? Even still, they continue to falter, and now theirs talks of basically nationalizing Citibank and Bank of America. Hundreds of billions of tax payer money has been poured into these banks, and you're taking an issue with the Yankees using federal money to build a stadium? One that has been a key economic resource to an otherwise impoverished area? Take the Yankees out of the Bronx and see how much better the local economy does. The new stadium may not provide thousands of new jobs, but the presence of the stadium alone brings in untold amounts of revenue to the local businesses. If you want to take an issue with something, take an issue with the billions given to revive banks that dug their own graves, and billions more to car companies whom also dug their own graves. You're going to have to do a lot more to get me to care about money given to build Yankee stadium.

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