Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Randy Levine Issued Subpoena

For those who don't know, there has been some turmoil over the Yankees use of tax money to build the stadium, and Yankees President Randy Levine has been issued a subpoena for certain finance documents. The man leading the charge is assemblyman Richard Brodsky. As a loyal reader of the blog, we would like to give Brodsky the following information: no one is going to side with you. The fans by and large don't care that the Yankees used tax money to build a steakhouse in their new stadium, if they did indeed do so. When the government can explain to us where the $700 billion given to resurrect banks that had dug their own graves, then they can take an issue with the Yankees using some money to build concession stands. Brodsky, you're going to lose votes over this, and as someone who just voted to give a $105 million bailout to the New York Racing Association, you really should not be taking issue with this.

Further more, Brodsky may have forgotten how much revenue the Yankees generates for the city. Remove the Yankees from New York, and believe that you'll see the effects immediately. From hotels, to restaurants, bars, parking garage's, and all those stores selling Yankees merchandise near the stadium, they will all take a huge blow. Don't die on this hill.


Anonymous said...

I agree 100% RJG.. you know, if blogging doesnt work for you guys, you should really pick up politics.
Obama, Biden amd RJG 09'!!! the future is looking pretty bright!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a huge Mike Francesa fan, but he did a great job yesterday covering this topic.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Thanks Ruthie, though we fear political office may taint the foundation of our message, namely being the respect of Jeter's gangster.

Bob, I didn't get to hear it, what did he say?

Raven King said...

How about starting a blog named "Derek Jeter for President" after he retires?
You can't find a more political-correct human being on the face of the earth than our Captain.