Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not Much to Talk About Part Deux

Since our previous phone conversation didn't go so well, it was time to call everyone's favorite GM via satellite video phone and make sure things were still cool. The following is a minute by minute account of the proceedings.

BC: Hello?

RJG: Hey, what's up Bronny?

BC: Not much, how are you.

RJG: Not bad. Hey listen, sorry about last time, I have this condition that makes me call Brian Cashman via satellite video phone and makes me berate him for the lack of topics to blog on. I'm on meds now so it's cool.

BC: Glad you got that taken care of.

RJG: So Bronny, the Mets just lost out on Derek Lowe to the Braves and are having to turn their attention to Ollie Perez. Since Andy hates being paid more than he's worth, but not way more than he's worth, shouldn't you be thinking about swooping in and swiping Ollie P from the Mets. Omar would $#!% himself.

BC: We really aren't looking to sign another big ticket free agent. I think we're maxed out.

RJG: Well that's perfect since Ollie is hardly a big ticket free agent. He's barely a regular ticket free agent. Just give him unlimited access to the concession stand refrigerators and you've got another young lefty starter.

BC: We're not interested in Perez. We've spent enough money this off-season. We're done destroying baseball with our free spending ways.

RJG: Wow. That was oddly introspective. Are you sedated right now?

BC: No. Wait a minute, does Nyquil sedate you?

RJG: It makes you drowsy, it's intended for nighttime relief . . .

BC: What about Benadryl?

RJG: Well, generally speaking yes, but . . .

BC: What about both together? Plus beer. I'm fighting a nasty cold man.

RJG: I'm uncomfortable now. Let's change the subject. Actually, let's not. Did you really say the Yankees are destroying baseball?

BC: Yes, but I was just channeling my inner small market GM.

RJG: Can you channel your regular large market GM?

BC: Speaking.

RJG: And what do you think about the idea the Yankees are destroying baseball.

BC: I think Winston Churchill put it best when he said, "the rest of baseball can lick my [censored]"

RJG: Winston Churchill never said that.

BC: Are you sure?

RJG: Yeah, I'm pretty sure.

BC: Well somebody said it.

RJG: Moving on, what are you wearing right now?


There you have it folks. Bronny Cash and RJG are still cool, but Bronny remains oddly uncomfortable discussing what he's wearing at any given moment. It's strange considering we can see what he's wearing on satellite video phone, but that's just the way he is. Always mysterious.


Fred Trigger said...

So, I couldnt help but notice that on your little ip address map at the bottom of the page, that you have had 500+ visitors come from what looks like the Taiwan area. I assume that these folks were looking for a website to respect Wangs sinker, only to find this crazy one about Jeters gangster. Interesting. I dont remember very many posts where Wang was the main subject.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Yes, the focus of the site has been decidedly Jetercentric, but we're big Wang fans as well. The man can pitch, and even though Sabathia and Burnett slide in front of him in this rotation, I wouldn't be surprised to see a healthy Wang surpass them both in wins next season.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

I think a Wang post should be forthcoming, especially now that he's supposedly our number three. That's nonsense!

Anonymous said...

What kind of guy is Wang?
Is he going thtake the "#3" tag as a challenge? ("I'll show those roundeyes!") Is he going to be paranoid about rinjuring himself?
Don't really know that much about his personality.
He doesn't get the respect he deserves from his performance.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Wang has come back from injury before. I don't think the injury will effect him psychologically. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if our number 3 led the team in wins next season.