Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I was reading the NY Post when I came across this article about a law suit against Roberto Alomar. Alomar is being sued by his ex-girlfriend Ilya Dall because apparently when they were dating, Alomar had AIDS and was having unprotected sex with her. However, the suit also states that Alomar did not know he had AIDS at the time, and also, his ex-girlfriend tested negative for the disease. She's suing for emotional distress. Is it just me, or is trying to cash in on an AIDS patient completely heartless? I didn't know that Alomar had AIDS, which is awful news, but what's even worse is that this woman is trying to sue him for it.

The suit gets really weird when Dall claims that Alomar had told her he was raped by two Mexican men in New Mexico after a ball game. I don't know if this is true or not, since this woman doesn't strike me as a reliable source, but it does remind me the importance of one of my life long rules: never visit New Mexico.

In other news, the A-Rod fallout is still spreading with every columnist, journalist, and free lance writer giving their opinion on what he should do, what he should have said, what he should not have said, and so on. Personally, I think they should all shut up. I'm not really sure why all these people feel the need to offer their advice. It wasn't asked for, and I for one really could care less what they would do in this situation. He admitted to it, that's all I wanted. Now, the biggest issue people are jumping on is that when asked if he used from 2001 - 2003, instead of saying "Yes" he said "That's pretty accurate." Is this really all there is to write about? However the award for most pointless article related to A-Rod goes to Julie Kay, Lorena Mongelli, and Dan Mangan for this NY Post article. The start of the article reads:

"It was back to business as usual for Alex Rodriguez yesterday - with the Yankees superstar acting as if massive headlines about his confession of past steroid use were no big thing."

The article then goes on to say that A-Rod went to the gym, then went to his ex-wife's home, and later to his real estate office. What exactly did they expect A-Rod to do? Confine himself to his home, and never come out again? He should be going to the gym, and taking care of business. Spring training starts in 2 days. All the article shows is that some or all of Julie Kay, Lorena Mongelli, and Dan Mangan followed A-Rod around, and then wrote an article about his day. Great work guys.


Anonymous said...

I am sure the ex-girlfriend is scared about eventually contracting HIV, but the suit is heartless. Poor Alomar. As for Mexico, I went once and now tell everyone never to go. Boiling hot, poor, and killer bees.

Anonymous said...

PS Never been to New Mexico.

Anonymous said...

As a tennis fan, I remember when Alomar was engaged to Mary Pierce. Maybe this is why she broke off the engagement. Hm. As for that Post article, I have a much more interesting blog post about the reaction to him, although my Spanish isn't so hot, as you'll see...

TribeGirl said...

That's awful about Robbie Alomar...I had no idea! As for the lady suing him, what a #$$%$@#$@!

I've been to New Mexico. It's dirty, gross, and boring. We used it as a training facility to prep for middle east desert deployments, if that tells you anything about the place.

Unknown said...

What in the hell? How could anyone here be ok with the fact that he had unprotected sex with her (likely) while knowingly carrying HIV? I don't feel bad for him for one minute that she's suing the pants off him. Whether she contracted HIV or not is besides the point. He put her at risk. After he loses this lawsuit and his fortune, he should head straight to prison.

What if you were put in that position? Or your parent or a sibling?

Anonymous said...

Enough with all this hating on New Mexico. I live in Santa Fe, and while Southern New Mexico is certainly not the most desirable place to live, there are a lot of incredible natural elements in the North - mountains, hot springs, calderas, lakes, caves.. Besides, we all know there's no place worse than New Jersey.

The story doesn't stand up anyway - the closest MLB clubs are Arizona and Colorado, at least 300 to 400 miles away. The closest thing to pro sports here are the Albuquerque Isotopes (yes, just like the Simpson's episode) and I've seen larger college stadiums than the one in which they play. Robbie was never raped by Mexicans and has probably never even stepped foot in this state. Last I heard, Baltimore had the highest sexually transmitted infection rate of any city in the US per capita - and we know he spent some time there.

Anybody ready for some actual BASEBALL?!!?

Fernando Alejandro said...

RSiciliano, that's the point, he didn't know. Ilya Dall says there were signs, but he didn't know until he got tested. In fact, how is she innocent in this? If they're having unprotected sex, its on both of them, not just Alomar. This is a blatant attempt to get money out of him. That's all it is.

Rev, I've never been to New Mexico, but I'm sure it has some pretty cool spots to visit. I'm actually curious about what Santa Fe is like. What would you compare it to? I also agree with you on her story. I'm not sure why he would be playing baseball in New Mexico. I also agree on your finer point on baseball just needing to start already.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

according to the article though, Alomar refused to be tested though he was told to do so on a number of occasion by doctors concerned about possibly related symptoms. The lawsuit is for negligence. The question is: would a reasonably prudent person, under the circumstances, have gotten tested, or at least not insisted on unprotected sex? If a jury finds that a reasonably prudent person (that's the legal standard) under the circumstances would have gotten tested to find out or at least would not have risked unprotected sex, she's going to clean up. I'm with RSiciliano on this one. Especially since I don't know the extent to which pressure was put upon her to have the unprotected sex. Granted, that assumes there is validity to the allegations. She'll have to prove them in court.

Anonymous said...

Jane, your blog is a lot beter. And all your foreign language statement and translations looke just fine to me.
I don't speak any of them.
New Mexico is a great state!
Lotsa pretty country.