Saturday, February 21, 2009

Twins Go Bargain Hunting, Dodgers Land Hudson

Its funny to think of how many free agents are still available despite the fact that spring training started a week ago. This is great news for teams like the Twins who can now cash in on the desperation and land some players for cheap. The Twins have been linked to both reliever Juan Cruz and third baseman Joe Crede. The biggest issue with Cruz has been his type A free agent status, which would cost any team that signs him a first round draft pick. Though no deal is official, apparently the Twins are negotiating a contract that the Diamondbacks will offer Cruz, and then once he signs, will trade him to the Twins for previously determined players. Its a smart move because that way the Twins know what they're giving up, and won't lost the draft pick. Crede has just been an injury case over the years, and he wanted a $7 million base salary with incentives building up to $11 million. I don't suspect he got it.

The Twins aren't the only team to go bargain hunting. The Dodgers just signed second baseman Orlando Hudson to a one year $3.38 million contract with $4.6 million in incentives. Hudson had been looking for a multi-year deal worth $10 million a year. Though Hudson solidifies second base for the Dodgers, he is not a huge offensive contributor. He hit over .300 last season for the first time in his career, but his season was cut short with a wrist injury that required surgery. This means the Dodgers are likely still in the Ramirez race, though no headway seems to be made on that front.


Anonymous said...

With Hudson out of the picture, Cano really needs to rebound from last year so we don't all go, "Why didn't we sign Hudson!"

Mr. A-Hole said...
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Fernando Alejandro said...

I'm with you on that. I think Cano's going to have a great season though. He can't skate by as the rookie anymore.