Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yankee Minor Leaguers Beat Blue Jay Minor Leaguers

It was an exciting first spring training game and the Yankees ended up the victors. Here are the highlights:

-A-Rod hit a homerun and drew a walk.
-Gardner hit a homerun.
-Jeter went 1-3 with a run scored.
-Swisher drew 2 walks including a bases loaded walk to drive in a run.
-Yankee prospects Austin Jackson and Jesus Montero got some late game action, both going 1-2 with Jackson hitting a double.
-RHP Brett Tomko pitched 2 scoreless innings. I was wondering where this kid came from, until I looked him up and realized that he's a major league veteran whose been pitching in the bigs since 1997. I totally missed that we had signed him a week ago.
-The Yankee pitching staff consisting of Tomko, Veras, Giese, Igawa, Garcia, Dunn, Jackson, and Robertson combined for 9 innings of 1 run ball.
-Kei Igawa had a scoreless inning!
-Yankees scored 6 runs off 11 hits, including 3 runs off rookie Rickey Romero, and 2 runs off of Jack Bauer.


Of the 8 pitchers who played today, the one with the most job security was the one who had the worst outing. Jose Veras went one inning, allowing the only run Toronto would score, while giving up a hit and two walks.

Now that we've defeated Toronto's minor league team, the Yankees are ready to take on former minor league team, the Tampa Bay Rays. The game will be on YES at 1:15pm. Word in the clubhouse is that Shelley's taking out their catcher whether he gets on base or not. Should be fun.


TribeGirl said...

Gosh, it's been a year since the Shelley Duncan incident happened??? That's when I stumbled upon this blog - time flies when you're having fun!!

Fernando Alejandro said...

The Shelley Duncan article we did thereafter was a big hit. Well, as big as we've seen anyway.