Sunday, February 22, 2009

What Would You Ask Sabathia?

The NY Post released an interview they conducted with CC Sabathia, and its pretty good. I always wonder what I would ask a player if I were to conduct an interview. There's some generic questions you feel you have to ask a professional ball player, but I was trying to think what I would really want to know about a ball player. So if you were to conduct an interview with CC Sabathia, what would you ask him? Some that I thought of were:

-If you were to spend a night on the town, what three players would you want to take with you?
-What was the greatest learning experience you had in the minor leagues?
-What player in all baseball history would you most want to face on the mound and why?

So how about you? What would you ask?


TribeGirl said...

I would ask him "Do you miss all your boys in Cleveland?" :o(

Anonymous said...

I'd ask him, aside from all the pressures to win a ring and be effective, whats someting signifigant he wants to do in the game as a yankee? like reach a record or something like that

Alex H said...

i probably would ask something about their real life, outside of baseball.. like what kind of music they like, what they do in their free time.

Anonymous said...

When was the first time you were in awe of Jeter's Gangster?