Saturday, February 7, 2009

More on the A-Rod Roid Leak

All indications are that A-Rod did not know that he had tested positive as a result of the 2003 survey testing program. Presumably, however, he did know he was taking steroids during that time. The steroid he took was supposedly harder to detect and perhaps for that reason he didn't think he could get caught. Regardless, this is a big hit to a lot of us. I keep trying to figure out some way to spin this and write a funny post, but I suppose it's too early. It stings right now, I won't lie. It's not just that A-Rod took steroids. After all, it's not like he's a home grown Yankee. But he's our guy for the next nine years. Regardless of whether he breaks it, the all-time homerun record will still be tarnished. Worse for humanity, the person with the most integrity in baseball with regard to PEDs is Jose Canseco. Think about that. Jose Canseco, the douche of douches, is the person with the most integrity with regards to steroid usage in baseball. Not McGwire, not Palmiero, not Pettitte, and now, not A-Rod. Think of how many class act ballplayers are on the list of people we can't trust because they cheated, but Canseco is a beacon of honesty. That's outright crazy. That's how badly baseball has handled the steroid era. Want honesty? Ask Canseco, just pay him up front. Wow, MLB. Wow.


Raven King said...

Jose Canseco has been telling the truth?
It's more shocking than the fact that Professor Snape is a good guy.

Raven King said...

And Barry Bonds must be laughing like crazy right now.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

do we even care at this point if Alex breaks the home run record?

Big West said...

I only care because I want to see him get berated by the press as he approaches it, and then possibly breaks it. Hopefully he breaks down in the corner like Kevin Brown, crying under the scrutiny. Hopefully they catch him on camera while its happening. Bitter much? Damn straight.
Then again my real hope is that he retires right now, like Palmeiro did, out of sheer shame. That way I don't have to see him playing for the next NINE years on the team I love. What an embarrassment. What a phony.
I was just checking out another blog and it turns out Selena Roberts has a book coming out on A-Fraud this summer. She should be ashamed too, though not as much. She probably knows more names out of the 104. Those names probably won't help her sell a book though. So why should we hear them from her? I maintain that it's good this is out in the open, we deserve to know.
It's going to be a tougher season now. I feel bad for guys like Jeter who've been quoted as saying how excited they are about this season. Another way for a player like him to say they want redemption. God, I love him even more now (no way Jeter cheated right? RIGHT?) Good luck Jeet. Thanks A-Rod.

Bucky7588 said...

Seriously, this is being blown way out of proportion. First of all, the way the info was obtained is sketchy at best. These documents that never were supposed to be matched were, and oh look, its the biggest star of baseball. Why isn't anyone else being named here? No ones a little suspicious of that?
Second of all, he hasn't been on them since 2003, and he's won an MVP after that, without them. Clearly he's got the natural talent, and you have to wonder how much they actaully helped him. I just think the anti-yankee media is taking this and running, and everyone else is happy to mindlessly follow

Big West said...

Bucky, he cheated. The "greatest" baseball player that I have seen in my 23 years on Earth cheated. I don't think its being blown out of proportion. This guy was supposed to restore faith in the most cherished of records in all of sports. HE CHEATED! This isn't being blown out of proportions! Just like the writers of this blog have said: Canseco is the only one thats told the truth. Isn't that sickening to you? It's about the integrity of the game we've all watched for however many years. It's about how so many of the things we've witnessed have been artificially enhanced. It's about truth, and dishonesty.

This man will now continue to be a distraction for the next decade, on top of the 4 years of distractions he's caused since joining the club in 2004. A decade of distractions, and they'll only cost $27 million per year! That is a big deal for a baseball team. Just ask the SF Giants.

I respect your opinion, and thought about it for some time before I put this up. I just disagree with it. I'm just shocked, and sad.

Big West said...

I want to correct something above. The greatest baseball player I've ever seen ever is Derek Sanderson Jeter. A-Rod is the greatest stat patter I've ever seen. And that is now an illusion. Yes, everything I just said about Jeter is disgustingly biased. Do I care? No.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Pro-Jeter bias is usually a sign of higher intelligence and always welcomed on our blog.

It's clear A-Rod was targeted, but when you're that good you have to know there is a target on you. Bucky, you're right, he won two MVPs while testing was instituted suggesting he won them legitimately. Not only that, but he hit more homeruns in his last MVP season than he did in 2003, presumably cleanly. That's what hurts and why I agree with Big West. A-Rod didn't need to do it, but he did anyway. That's the same unhealthy obsession with being the best that destroyed Bonds, a certifiable hall of famer before steroids, and now he may never get inducted. Now A-Rod has put himself in the same position. It sucks, but if it helped him get bigger and pick up Madonna, maybe that's all that mattered to him.

TribeGirl said...

He really ruined my weekend. I'm a grown, educated woman with a LIFE, and yet this really depresses me and ruined my weekend! My friends are all laughing at me for being so disloyal to the Tribe by loving anyone who is not on the team. They forgive me for Manny, but now I'll never here the end of it on A-ROID. Yeah, that's what everyone is calling him: A-ROID!! I even kept bugging you guys for a positive post on him, and now this.

I'm so depressed.