Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What We Learned Today

Alex Rodriguez had his long awaited press conference today and we learned three very important things. First, we now know that A-Rod has a Dominican cousin. I didn't see that one coming. I mean, I guess I always knew it was a possibility, but I wasn't being honest with myself, so how could I be honest with Katie?

Second, Dominican pharmacies are AWESOME! Who knew you could get stuff like that over the counter? You blow CVS, I'm going to DR from now on for my meds.

Thirdly, we learned the fate of Rip Fuel. I always wondered what happened to my favorite dietary supplement of the Seattle days, and now I know. It was a great moment of closure for me. Thank you for that A-Rod.


TribeGirl said...

When I lived in Italy - you could get everything over the counter!!! It would have been if I could benefit from this, but I was in the military and would have gotten in trouble - damn!

Ripped Fuel was really pulled from the counters? I didn't know that. I used to always take that stuff!!!

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

did you get ripped?

TribeGirl said...

I was not Madonna cut or anything - (GROSS) but I had a nice gym figure - you could tell I worked out!

Raven King said...

Thanks a lot, Alex, for showing Wang how to hold a more dramatic press conference.