Saturday, February 14, 2009

What I Love About the Yankees

In this Valentine's day, we at the Respect Jeter's Gangster blog would like to share what we appreciate and love most about the New York Yankees. So here are the top 10 things we love about the Yankees:

1. When most teams would be crippled by their top player being injured, the Yankees just go out and get another top player.
2. The way Jeter answers all questions without actually answering any questions.
3. The fact that they have Derek Jeter.
4. The way they're called the evil empire, and then buy up every major free agent to prove it.
5. I love the way they build a new stadium, despite the fact that it has obstructed views.
6. The way the Yankees always want it all, and then get it.
7. The way Jeter hits to the opposite field, even though we all know he has the pull power to hit 30 homeruns annually.
8. The way their owners have lost their flipping minds, and aren't afraid to show it to the whole world.
9. The way people can spend hours writing negative things about them, but only do so to hide their intense admiration and deep seeded desire to be a New York Yankee.
10. The way they're rivalry with the Red Sox out does any other rivalry in the continent.

There you have it. So what do you love most about the New York Yankees? Derek Jeter?


Fred Trigger said...

This is more about a specific yankee.

1. I love the personal vendetta Joba Chamberlain has against Kevin Youkilus. I think he is just throwing chin music in hopes it will shave some of his silly beard off.

I also love how the yankees have spent billions of dollars since the turn of the century and havent won a title yet. Just goes to show what a crap shoot the playoffs can be, especially in a 5 game series.

Anonymous said...

1. I love that whenever anything bad seems to happen in Yankees land, YES repeats (and repeats) the July 4 game when Jeter flies into the stands and the Yankees beat the Red Sox in extra innings.

Anonymous said...

LOL, anonymous number two. I love that the name "Yankees" has nothing to do with a bird or a Native American tribe or an article of clothing.

TribeGirl said...

I love AROD!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

this is a pretty much perfect list guys

Anonymous said...

I just love the roller coaster ride that is being a fan of the yankees. You feel every lost and anticipate the next win. My happiness through out the summer is not determined by how many times i visit six all fluxuates according to their record, and as frustrateing as it is to love a team like this, the rewards are internal and last a lifetime..

I also love the cameraman the YES network has got on their payroll, cause he always gives me a close up of both jeter and a-rods (backsides)...and that makes my day!

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

It makes all of our days Ruthie. My favorite thing are the guys who sell beer at the stadium. As long as I keep rotating who I buy from, I'm never cut off. Kudos.

Raven King said...

My Granny loves the fact that Jeter's pants are tighter than all of his teammates'.

Anonymous said...

Raven King, our grannys have that in common.. lol

Anonymous said...

I love being a hated outcast whenever a baseball discussion comes up among "normal" people.
Everybody I know personally has swallowed the MUST--HATE--YANKEES