Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jeter and Posada Say No to Drugs

In this NY Post article, Jorge Posada and Derek Jeter are both quoted as saying that they know they are not on that list of 104 players who tested positive. When asked if he was concerned with being on the list, Jeter replied: "Why would I worry about me being on that list?" Its a great question. As my brother mentioned yesterday, if he was using steroids he was not using them correctly, since his numbers seem to stay pretty consistant throughout his career. I got into a discussion last night with another Yankee fan who said that he does not want to know whose on the list. He said that if Jeter was on the list it would crush him. I feel the same way, but I still want to see the list. I think they should also reveal who was tested and passed. I would rather know for certain who is not on the list than to have a lingering doubt.

When asked about this whole situation the Post quotes Posada as saying: "I don't think I've put anything in my body that could be positive on one of those tests,....I have never tested positive. My first language is Spanish. I know English, but my first language is Spanish. I have wanted to make sure I have never taken anything. I'm as clean as a whistle."

Translation: "I didn't take any PED's, but after what happened to Romero, I can't be sure that the mixed berry protein shake I bought at GNC will generate a positive test. My first language is Spanish, which means that I don't know what things like "anaroxibolactyx" mean and therefore have it checked out before I take it, but since Romero also ran his substance by a specialist and was given the okay before testing positive, who knows what will generate a positive test any more."

So, we have two Yankee stars saying that they are clean. Of course, we heard this same thing from A-Rod about one year ago in the 60 minutes interview. I think it is not fair to 1000 or so clean players who were tested in that era to be bunched up with the 104 PED users that were tested then. Release the results!


Anonymous said...

Release the results is right. Start a petition, a protest march, something!

Big West said...

I feel like there's a joke to be made that connects Posada's comments about speaking Spanish, and Morgan Freeman telling everyone in the Shawshank Redemption that they call him "Red" because he's Irish...hmm...maybe not. I guess they were both just funny things to say. At any rate, I really hope they're both telling the truth, the opposite would really suck, like badly.

Anonymous said...

Mitchell released 84 names.
Didn't help much, did it?
Are the 103 going to be all the users? No.
Would I love to see some or all of them come forth without a gun in their back? Hell yes.
Would it be better if thy were Red Sox?
But, I think we know what we need to know. There was a whole lot of dirty lowdown cheating going on for way too long.
Let's pick up and move on with what we got. Keep fine tuning the testing program, make sure nobody can do it again.
Put the money into finding a test for HGH, and to keep up with the weight room chemists so their new potions can be caught before they do more damage. (Go ahead an reward snitches, too.)
Baseball is the best game in the world. I'm tired of reading more bullshit then boxscores.


Anonymous said...

I still think the players who know they tested negative should sign a waiver and get their tests results released. But doubtful, since they are all sheep.

Anonymous said...

You know I was feeling so positive about the upcoming season, but now not so much. Al's psyche. JoPo's shoulder. Mariano's elbow? Jeter's knees. Andy's elbow. Robinson's commitment. Matsui's knees. Damon's lower half. Joba's endurance. I am making myself sick.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Don't feel too bad Number two. Al's psyche, Mariano's elbow, Jeter's knees, Andy's elbow, Robinson's commitment, Matsui's knees, Damon's lower half have all been a concern for years now. The only thing new is Posada's shoulder and Joba's endurance, but we've had bigger question marks before. Don't forget Carl Pavano, which was less of a question mark, and more of an exclamation point at the end of an expletive.

Big West, that's why I want all the positive tests to be released. I'd rather just know then be left to wonder.

She-Fan, absolutely! I think they will eventually release them, though I bet you we already know a lot of them.

Joe, I agree. I hope that if this situation teaches us anything, its to really step up the testing, and work towards preventative measures. Also, it has to be done on all levels. People who use substances to get to the Majors, aren't suddenly going to stop when they get there.

Anonymous said...

lol. Jeter and his witt...you slay me jeter, you slay me... but I would completely loes my faith in the mlb and maybe even baseball if jeter ever failed one of thoese test. Screw GNC, everyone should just go to The Vitamin Shoppe like my dad.. quick question to anybody : do you think in a few years, if it gets as popular as mlb (doubtful), the girls in the NPF would start to do these things? Maybe it would be more visible if a women did it? But after mnarion jones (the track lady), I dont know what sport is safe to turn to!!

Anonymous said...

I am an ignorant savage.
Please--What is the NPF you speak of?
EVERY sport has PED users. Balco had more reps at the Olympic trials than Nike.