Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This From Ken Rosenthal

I don't know what it is about this A-Rod situation, but its making typically sound writers look like idiots. Consider this passage from Ken Rosenthals "Steroid Admission Just the Beginning for A-Rod" article:

"Rodriguez evidently believed the upside of trying to salvage his reputation was greater than the downside of any potential fallout from his ESPN interview.

Well, by 'coming clean,' he has compromised the other 103 players who tested positive in '03, putting pressure on them to be just as forthcoming if their identities are revealed.

But Rodriguez isn't worried about them, is he?"

Okay, so you're basically saying that A-Rod is selfish for coming clean since he didn't consider the imagined pressure it would put on the other 103 guilty players on the list. That. Jerk.

I typically like Ken Rosenthal, but this was stupid. I guess from Rosenthal's point of view, A-Rod should not have admitted to it, and perhaps even denied it to spare his fellow 103 PED users. Does Rosenthal think that anyone cares about protecting the people on that list?

This steroid issue is making typically good writers write dumb. I hope this passes by the time spring training starts in two days. I sure am ready to get back to some baseball.


TribeGirl said...

Ummmm....I'm glad there is something about A-Rod we can agree on! :o) This is ridiculous!!! Why the eff should he care about the other 103 players? They don't care about him and are probably ducking for cover now. This just goes to show how STUPID people are. If Alex didn't say anything, he would be criticized. If he only said a little, people would still be talking smack. He comes forward, lays it out (which he didn't have to) and now he's SELFISH because he's putting the other 103 in jeopardy. I'm sorry, but all 104 (yes, Alex too) put themselves in jeopardy when they took the substances. The other 103 just aren't as interesting of a story........yet.

Anonymous said...

Arod is selfish because he took the wind out of all these writer's sails. Most ptobably had huge, defamatory, speculative peices already written up, castigating him for the coverup.
Now, what are they gonna do? It's a huge story, but there's nothing to say about it.
They're jealous that there's 103 names they could be ripping into, but nobody will tell them who they are.
I imagine that if even one more name came out, it wold do a pretty good job at pointing at the lowlife that leaked, and get their felony case off to a real good start.
Whatever anybody thinks about "honesty" or Legacy" or anything else, the union could even get the judge brought up on charges if she unilaterally unsealed the record.
And she ain't the type to do that.
so, the entertainment from here on is going to be watching these writers stew.

have I ever mantioned that I wish Torre would have been fired after 2006, when Pinella was looking for work?


TribeGirl said...

Yeah, I've always loved Torre and had alot respect for him as a manager until this book. I know you guys wrote about the book awhile ago, but I just think its crappy to call out anybody, even ARod, while you are still coaching and the player is still playing. You didn't see Tony Dungy do that in either of his books and he had some REAL head cases and drama queens when he was in Tampa....Warren Sapp, Keyshawn Johnson just to name a few. I don't even know who his head cases are on the Colts, but I'm sure there are some. Anyway, the big thing across the board about Torre is he's "a class act" by most sports figures, commentators, and fans alike. Well, guess what? That book should have been written once he retired and he lost his class act status in my eyes.

Anonymous - I agree with you. The writers are pissed because ARod commented on everything so there's really nothing to say at this point. Now they just have to make things up and analyze it to death when he's said everything there is to say.

Anonymous said...

Wait a sec- it's Ken Rosenthal who's selfish- he's putting pressure on the other writers (I'm lookin' @ you Roberto and Fernando) to write something as stupid as he just wrote in order to call attention to themselves.