Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Thanksgiving Post

I know what you're telling yourself. "We already ate. I've more or less caught up with everyone or at least acknowledged their presence. I'll just quickly check my favorite blog of all time while there's a lull." It's okay, you're selfish. Checking the blog for Yankees news when you should be spending time with your family. For shame.

I know what you're telling yourself. "Didn't you take time away from YOUR family to write a whole blog post? How dare you judge me?!"

Fair enough. But let me ask you this: haven't you now wasted even more precious family time not only reading this blog, but getting indignant, swearing at me in your den, office, or bedroom, and then continuing to read the rest just because you can't help yourself? Check. Mate.

Besides, we at the RJG were raised by wolves, and wolves don't celebrate Thanksgiving. They can eat turkey whenever the hell they want, so bladow!

Now that you are thoroughly ashamed of yourself, let me just point out that nothing will happen today in free agent land. The Yankees may insult Jeter through the media again, as is their wont, but that's it. You know this. Why torture yourself, constantly hitting refresh at the Daily News, Post, or LoHud blog to check if maybe, by some miracle, something new and exciting has happened? It's not worth it. Go get drunk and yell at your family members for "what they did to you". That's what Thanksgiving was all about when the Pilgrims started it in 1532.


Uncle Mike said...

1620, actually. But then, it was Massachusetts. They gave thanks for the Indians keeping them from starving. If they'd been smart, they would have come to New York, and given thanks for never being under the threat of starvation.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

no, I'm pretty sure my date is accurate. I wouldn't have made it up if it wasn't.