Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Posada Preparing to be a Starter Next Season

Attention has been given to who will be the starting catcher next season. Posada's bat is still a force, but his defense has deteriorated with age. Some have suggested Jesus Montero, or signing a veteran catcher for a year to take over the catching duties, but Posada is preparing to be a starter next season. He's preparing in the off season to have regular catching duty. And that brings me to the question, how do you prepare for a season of regular catching duty? Are there any baseball players out there who could explain what kind of routine a catcher must undergo to prepare for a season? I'd assume squats are involved, and maybe getting hit by small cars is factored in, but I just don't know how you prepare to be squating behind a plate for 9-innings a day almost every single day for 6 months. But that's besides the point. What do you think? Would you pick Posada, Montero, or veteran x for regular catching duties next season?

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