Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm Mad and You Should Be Too

So the Yankees "wasted no time" and contacted Cliff Lee's agent already. Already! Wow! Let's all be so impressed! The Yankees called Lee's agent, Darek B, to let him know they were interested. Interested. The team with seemingly limitless financial resources is interested in the top free agent pitcher that they just happened to have almost traded one of their most coveted prospects for just a few months ago. Interested.

Really? You called to say you're interested? If I was Darek B I'd be pissed that you wasted my cellphone minutes. The Yankees have not made an offer yet because apparently targeting a guy in free agency from late July simply isn't enough time to come up with some sort of year/dollar figure. WTF has Bronny been doing since July? Diligently scouring the waver wire market? There's no reason the Yankees shouldn't have had a number ready by now. They're just wasting time. That would be fine if something else was going on, but there isn't. The most exciting baseball news recently is that Joe Morgan won't be doing ESPN baseball broadcasts anymore.

Okay, I admit, that's big news. But I can't drunkenly celebrate it, because eventually people start asking questions about your motivations for drinking. The Yankees could've at least made an insulting offer and then said, "just kidding." That would be entertaining news and might have held me over until they made their real offer. If the Yanks could have a figure for Sabathia on the first day of free agency, they could have done the same with Lee. Anyone thinking Lee isn't a must get like Sabathia was in 2008 is delirious. We have one reliable pitcher in our rotation right now. Go ask Boston how awesome it was when Lester carried them all the way to third place in the division. Hopefully Pettitte comes back, but we still need Lee if we're serious about a World Series run next year. I think I owe Cash a phone call . . .


Fernando Alejandro said...

...Or a punch in the face.

Rob B said...

..or both.

Coming home from work today, they kept saying how many great fights are coming up this weekend in MMA, UFC, and some sport that nobody cares about anymore called 'Boxing'. Big fights? Whatever. If they REALLY want a big fight, I think they should set up "Bronny vs. RJG!" Now that would be cool.