Saturday, November 27, 2010

Now He's Making Me Look Bad

I know. It's not all about me. But a few days ago I wrote a post about how the Yankees were all in the wrong in the way they've handled these Jeter negotiations. I knew it. The Daily News knew it. Only the Post didn't know it. But then the News broke the story that Jeter has apparently completely lost his mind with an initial contract request of six years at $25M each. Close, Jeter's agent, then told the Post that this figure wasn't accurate. Then the News called back their "source" and revised their figure. $22-24M a year. That is just insane. That number is crazy. That number walks around yelling stuff about the end of the world and then asking you for change. The things is, all those people who were defending Jeter and mad at Cash now look like @$$holes. Why would you make all of us look like @$$holes? It's the Yankees you're mad at, not us. Why do you lash out at the ones who love you? Who care about you? I can't defend that number. I can barely even wrap my mind around that number. I understand you might feel like the Yanks owe you A-Rod money, but, and I hate to say this, you're not A-Rod. A-Rod missed not insignificant time due to old man injuries the last two seasons and still managed to hit 30 home runs in each. Despite that sort of production, A-Rod's contract is completely stupid. The Yankees gave him that stupid contract, but that doesn't mean they have to give you a stupid contract, especially since you're not A-Rod. It hurts to write that, but I'm just talking baseball right now. I can't raise the intangibles issue because A-Rod has emerged as a leader in that clubhouse. It was him who pulled Robbie Cano aside to impress upon him the importance of situational hitting. He's well liked in the clubhouse. Even you like him. So you can't say it's your leadership that merits that stupid contract. Besides, Posada's a year away from likely retirement. You're a year away from losing your muscle. It's lame duck season. You can ask for more money than the Yanks initially offered you, but $25M a year for six years? I love you Derek, but even I don't think you've got four years where you'll be worth $20M left in you, let alone six at $25M (or $22-24M). Maybe you figured that they offered $15M, I ask $25M, we settle at $20M. Please tell me it's that. Because if it's not that, I don't even know who you are anymore.


Steve said...

These negotiations could start to get ugly. The Yankees have, in the past, put themselves out there as the guys who will just open their wallets and pay for a player ( Carl Pavano, $40 million 9-8 in 26 games over three years) . That is the Yankee persona. Now you have your captain looking for a contract. Jeter has done nothing but wear the pinstripes with dignity and class for 14 seasons. Steroids? no. Women scandals? no. Partying all night? no. Sure he's lost a step or two on the field, we all know that. How about a 3 year contract for $15 mil a year and a 10 year personal contract for promotional appearances as the Yankee great.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

I am surprised the Yankees haven't done more to sweeten the deal in terms of either a personal services contract or bringing him into the ownership group. To not even consider that with a guy who has voiced his desire in the past to be an owner one day seems shortsighted.