Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Exclusivity Window and WTF Moment

I hate the exclusivity window. I know it's only five days this year, but I still hate it. I don't want to wait four more days before we can start making ridiculous contract offers to players who will be entirely too old for the last few years of their contracts. Besides, there's already a built in exclusivity window in Major League Baseball. It's called the Regular Season. You want to keep a player real bad? Sign him to an extension during the Regular Season. Not sure you want to risk him getting hurt or diminishing in skills? Fair enough, sign him to an extension in September. Late September. Otherwise, go #@$% yourself.

Now, I just came across this bit of news at MLBtraderumors.com. The White Sox have resigned Omar Vizquel, who will turn 44 next April, to a one year deal. How is this guy still playing? I have a feeling I'm going to be in a hospital one day awaiting a knee replacement or in need of hip surgery or suffering from osteoporosis and be reading about Vizquel's latest multi-year extension. The crazy thing isn't that he's still playing at age 44. The crazy thing is that he's still playing pretty well. The guy hit .276 last year. Derek Jeter couldn't manage to hit .271, but Vizquel, now in need of regular invasive prostate exams, hit .276. WTF?!

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