Saturday, November 6, 2010

Who Will Our Catcher Be in 2011?

It seems predetermined that Posada's days as our regular catcher are over. Cervelli will not be trusted to replace him in the line-up and thus there is a question of who our new starting catcher will be. It is being widely reported that many in the Yankees organization believe Montero is ready. The only thing about that is, he's not. He's played in, if I'm not mistaken, exactly zero major league games and is still learning to catch. The Yankees are really going to trust their entire pitching staff to him? Romine is considered a better catching prospect but has yet to graduate to AAA. A name I've been seeing a lot recently is Toronto catcher John Buck. Buck had a "breakout" season in 2010, which means he played better than the year before. Buck could be the guy if he's willing to accept a 1-2 year deal. But he broke out, so he may be looking for more job security. The other option is Posada himself, but that's not happening. Bronny Cash will have to find someone to play in place of Posada, and Buck may be the best option available. That said, this speculation strikes me as really sudden. What might Bronny have up his sleeve? Only time will tell.


cheshirecat9 said...

I would love to see Cervelli work out this off season with Kevin Long and see if the hitting coach can work his magic. It would be great if Cervelli is allowed to audition for the role of the primary catcher in spring training if his offense improves. Then hopefully Montero will be ready for a September call up at the end of 2011 and be ready to join the ranks of legendary Yankee catchers in 2012. (Yogi, Howard, Munson, Posada, we've had some great players at that position over the history of this franchise!)

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

At this point I think the biggest concern with Cervelli is actually his defense. His throwing out percentage, if I'm not mistaken (I'm not going to look it up) was actually lower than Posada's. Considering he was the defensive specialist, that's not good. I suspect the Yankees may have soured on Cervelli a bit.