Friday, November 5, 2010

What About My Dream?

In this time of quiet news in the baseball world it was announced that former Yankee pitcher Dan Giese has retired. This announcement would seem to suggest that he will not be available as a free agent this offseason. He says that all he wanted to do was face one batter in the big leagues, but he was able to do more than that. He pitched for the Yankees in 2008 and pitched for Oakland in 2009 before he needed the good Ole' Tom's surgery. I always liked him as a releiver, but he was with the Yankees in the wrong year. For next year, we're likely going to have to look at some releif options, and the truth is, unless its a closer, we need to stop giving releivers multi-year contracts. Consider these multi-year gems Cashman signed:

Damaso Marte - 3 years. $12 million.
Kyle Farnsworth - 3 years. $17 million.

Kerry Wood is an intriguing option, but for what he could get from other teams, I would leave him alone.


Anonymous said...

I would like to see Wood back with us, but not for insane amount of money. We need more starters though at whatever price.

Fernando Alejandro said...

That's the real issue. I would love him back, but the Cubs want him to close, and closers make good dough. Lets save the money for Cliff Lee's contract.

Rob B said...

Get Cliff Lee, and we won't need relievers as much. If we have Lee and CC going 7 innings or more in most of their starts, it would sure take a ton of work/pressure off the middle relief.

Lee/Sabathia + Mo means a lot of wins.

And I full expect Hughes to have more 7 inning starts next season as well. And we can always hope AJ doesn't implode as much.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Yeah, AJ's going to be the wild card in all of this, because of how inconsistant he is. It would be nice if he could regularly take us past the 5th inning, instead of running into 3rd inning melt downs, and being pulled for relief.