Monday, November 22, 2010

Yankees Try to Hardball Jeter, Jeter Not Intimidated

Its been recently reported that Derek Jeter's agent Casey Close has been baffled by the way the Yankees are handling the contract negotiation. The Yankees have been very clear of late that this negotiation is a business negotiation between a team and a player. It is not a licensing deal, its all about a player filling a position for a team. A licensing deal is exactly what Alex Rodriguez got in what has to be one of the most ridiculous contract negotiations in recent memory. A-Rod's new contract not only overshadowed the previously highest paid contract (held also by Alex Rodriguez), but it included a $30 million marketing agreement where he would be paid $6 million for each of 5 different homerun milestones. This means that A-Rod's total contract could be valued at $305 million. Unfortunately, that marketing agreement doesn't look so pretty after the steroid allegations, but that's besides the point. The point is, Jeter isn't signing a marketing agreement. I guess my question is, why not? The first Yankee to ever have 3,000 hits isn't worth a marketing agreement? If he's healthy he would do that this year. But perhaps the argument is that A-Rod's contract was done by crazy Hank Steinbrenner, as opposed to cold calculating Hal Steinbrenner (who I really like). I don't think the Yankees should over pay for Jeter, but I do think a marketing agreement, which indicates an appreciation for what he has done in a Yankees uniform would help ease the tension of this negotiation.

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