Sunday, November 28, 2010

Now The Yankees Are Being Greedy

Go to this article and scroll all the way down. The Yankees received over $1M from the Yomiuri Giants to release a pitcher they were never going to give a serious look in the Majors anyway. That's greedy. Plain and simple. That's like that friend who keeps hitting you up for that dollar he let you borrow that one time. You gotta let that go.

Now the Yankees are changing course and saying they hope to get a deal done with Jeter before the Winter Meetings. One has to assume that neither the Yankees nor Jeter expected their first offers to be accepted. Probably there is a middle ground that both would be happy with, but it may be that that middle will have to be closer to the Yankees' offer than Jeter's. Once Jeter's contract is out of the way, the Yankees can use all the money they saved by not paying Jeter for his legacy on Cliff Lee. Then everybody will be happy.


Uncle Mike said...

"Then everybody will be happy"? Yankee Fans will be happy when the parade goes up Broadway in October 2011. (Or November. Thanks a lot, Selig.)

Unless, of course, the Yankee brass remain greedy (and you're right, they're the greedy ones, not Jeter), in which case Hal's kids may be the next Yankee owners to preside over such a parade.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

I'm sure they're looking forward to it though.