Tuesday, October 13, 2009

29 Security Holes? WTF?

Ever since hiring Bucky as our security guard, RJG headquarters has seen a marked reduction in the number of monthly ninja attacks (ninjas are afraid of bears? Who knew?). These attacks, all of which up to now have been unsuccessful, are largely at the impetus of various levels of Red Sox management.

With Bucky firmly in place, the ninjas have tried new and innovative ways of attacking us, including hacking our military grade computer systems. This article in the Washington Post has alerted us to the fact that Adobe has release an update to its ubiquitous Reader program plugging 29 security flaws. Twenty-nine? Really? Why don't you just call it Adobe Please Hack My $#!%? No worries. We've installed the update and are now safer from ninjas. We suggest following the link in the article to Adobe's update page if you are viewing this blog from a computer and doing the same.


Raven King said...

Adobe should have hired Bucky to guard their systems.
It is an universally acknowledged fact that both ninjas and Hackers are afraid of bears.
However, I can't say that about this little bear cub

cheshirecat9 said...

You guys stay safe. RJG is my source for not just Yankee news, but all news.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Its what we strive for.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Raven, that little bear was scared of everything. He needs to step up his gangster.