Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mo Money, Mo Problems?

The height of irresponsible Yankee spending was 2008, when according to USA Today, they spent $209 million on a team that did not make it to the post season. This season, the New York Yankees have begun trimming corporate excess, and have cut their payroll to an anemic $201.4 million. What has that gotten them? A sweep of the ALDS and a chance to take on the Angels in the ALCS.

So what are the lessons we've learned from our time of corporate irresponsibility?

-Back loaded contracts are a terrible idea.
-All Star's at each position only works if you don't sign malcontented, arrogant, selfish players.
-A good glove at first base should never be traded for a big bat at the plate.
-Grow your own bullpen. Free agent relievers are not worth the cost (Hawkins, Marte, Farnsworth, etc.).
-Don't give free agents contracts based on what they did for another team, give them contracts based on what they can do for your team.
-Don't sign Carl Pavano.
-A strong farm system is better protection against injury than any trade market can be.
-Holding onto your prospects can sometimes pay dividends: Robinson Cano, Phil Hughes, Melky Cabrera/Brett Gardner.
-Sometimes trades can get you more than signing the best free agent available for the position in question (See Wilson Betemit for Nick Swisher).
-Chemistry's important.
-Don't rely on 3 rookies to anchor your rotation.

What are some other lessons we learned from our inefficient era?


Jon Roberts said...

Do not sign players that use golden thongs for good luck.


cr1 said...

What kind of thongs are you recommending for good luck?

Jon Roberts said...

I will probably never move on from Tino and so Giambi was just tough to watch. Tex helps though.

I can't wait for Friday! Also the day game on Monday is worse for us left coasters. I really can't understand that. Each series has a team from LA ( or the area) you would think there would be some consideration for those fans.

cheshirecat9 said...

No matter how desperate you are, do not sign Sidny Ponson

hunter said...

jeter's gangster can still be respected even though the rest of the team sucks

Fernando Alejandro said...

Oh geez, yeah, Sidney Ponson for two partial seasons was a little rough.

And yeah, Jeter's gangster is never tainted by his teams dysfunctionality. Its what makes him so, well, gangster.

Raven King said...

When your super star of a slugger can't hit in the playoffs, make sure he dates Kate Hudson and things will turn around immediately.