Friday, October 30, 2009

Not Everybody Happy After Burnett's Performance

During A.J. Burnett's post-game press conference, the man with electric stuff stated that this game had been "the funnest day I’ve ever had on a baseball field." One can understand the sentiment. A.J. went seven spectacular innings, giving up only one run, on the biggest stage in all of sports (that's right Super Bowl, I said it). But not everyone cared for Burnett's stated sentiment.

"How could he say that was the most fun he's ever had on a baseball field?" asked childhood friend Billy Jarett. "One time, when we were kids, we were playing baseball and A.J. just had this huge smile on his face. There's no way that wasn't the most fun day ever. He didn't smile like that yesterday!"

Timmy Allen, another childhood friend, agreed. "I remember one time, A.J. scored one of those little league home runs where everyone kept overthrowing the base, he was so happy. After that game, he said it was the most fun he'd ever had. Those words are empty to me now. They mean nothing. Nothing!"

When asked whether the importance of the game, combined with his performance, may have reasonably made A.J. feel as though game 2 had surpassed those childhood memories in fun, childhood friend Johnny Anderson became introspective, "Go f--k yourself."

It seems that you can't please everybody. And while Yankees fans everywhere are celebrating a virtuoso performance in a very important game, there are at least a few people who will have to be forgiven if they don't feel like celebrating.

"I lent that guy my glove once just so he could have fun," lamented Sammy Pitterly. "What an a--hole!"

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