Monday, October 12, 2009

Now for the Five Day Delay

The Good

Very impressive pitching performance out of Andy Pettitte, who has continued his post season show of dominance with 6.1 innings of 1 run ball and 7 strikeouts.

The biggest offensive player of the game has to be Jorge Posada who hit a homerun to give the Yankees the lead in the 7th inning and then drove in another run with the bases loaded in the 9th. A-Rod also hit a homerun to tie the game in the 7th. Was there any doubt he would hit one?

The Bad

Phil Hughes is scaring me a little bit. Also, Damon needs to step it up next round. He went 0-4 with 4 strikeouts and has a .083 average through the first 3 games of the postseason.

The Ugly

First, Carl Pavano dominated the Yankees through 7 innings. He threw 7 innings of 2 run ball, with 9 strikeouts. How did that happen? Pettitte still got the win, but I'm surprised Pavano did so well.

Second, what was Girardi thinking pulling Andy Pettitte in the 7th inning? Was Pettitte really incapable of pitching to Delmon Young? He had thrown 81 pitches at that point.

Lastly, now that we've swept the Twins, we have the distinct pleasure of waiting 5 days before we can see another game. Yes, we start playing the Angels this Friday. So its going to be an interesting few days on the blog, since there will be nothing to write about. However, we at the RJG are masters at turning no news into big news. Stay tuned. We'll find ways for you to pass your time well enough.


My first vote for last nights game will go to Andy Pettitte. Without his pitching performance, you really have nothing.

The second vote goes to Posada who hit the go ahead homerun, and drove in a second run to put it further out of reach in the 9th.

And my third place vote goes to A-Rod, who has been outstanding this series, hit the game tieing homerun back in the 7th.

With our patented RJG scoring system, a first place vote gets a player 3 pts, a second place vote will get 2 pts and a 3rd place vote gets 1 pt. Here is the ALDS MVP breakdown:

Alex Rodriguez 5 pts.
Derek Jeter 3 pts.
Andy Pettitte 3pts.
Jorge Posada 2 pts.
CC Sabathia 2 pts.
AJ Burnett 2pts.
Mark Teixeira 1 pt.

As expected, A-Rod is crowned as the RJG ALDS MVP. He's batting .455 through these first 3 games and has two homeruns with 6 RBI's. We hope he keeps this up.

Respect Jeter's Gangster is for the Children

We will continue our Joe Dimaggio-like streak of charitable giving through the post season. We believe that our $1.00 donations builds just enough good will to push the Yankees into their next World Series title. A-Rod and Posada gave all the run support the Yankees would need with their back-to-back homeruns in the 7th last night.

Post Season Homeruns:

Derek Jeter 1hr = $1.00
Hideki Matsui 1hr = $1.00
Alex Rodriguez 2hr = $1.00
Mark Teixeira 1hr = $1.00
Jorge Posada 1hr = $1.00
Total = $6.00

Regular Season Total = $244.00

RJG Donation Total = $250.00

If you are interested in Johnny Damon's Homerun Club or the Children's Health Fund you can find links to both at the top right hand corner of our page. Live it. Love it. RJG.


cheshirecat9 said...

SWEEEEEEP!!! I sort of understand Giradi's thinking in pulling Andy. A combo of Joba-Hughes-Mo is a pretty scary group to try and hit against. I have given up trying to understand why Giradi does anything, but with the best record in baseball and a first round sweep I have decided to stop second guessing him.
On another note: the thought that Paplebaum has the whole off-season to think about his meltdown fills me with glee.

Fernando Alejandro said...

That's cold! I think what annoyed me about the Pettitte thing is that he was at 81 pitches and he just struck out a batter. You're going to tell me that Pettitte didn't have a better chance of getting Delmon Young out than Joba? Not to mention that Joba gave up a double to him.

Anonymous said...

When Andy gets tired, things tend to get bad pretty quick. I trust Joba/Phlop/Mo.
And my box of medals from Catholic school.
I got home just in time for the 9th inning of the LA/Sox game.
It made a good day out of a bad trip. I love seeing that little punk get shown up.


Fernando Alejandro said...

Yeah, Vlad Guerrero doesn't play around.

Ruthie said...

uhg... I am glad I dont have to see pavsucko's face for the rest of the postseason. I thought the pitching match up was good, but I wasnt expecting it to be as 'duel-ey' as it was. its like sucko would go 1-2-3 and then pettitte would answer back. twas riveting!.. I am excited for the next round, but so upset at the delay. i am just hoping they pull some excellent baseball out their woo-ha's and challenge the angels, that series can truly go either way.

Raven King said...

Wow. The world is full of unexpected surprises!
The Angels tore the Bloody Sox apart.
Carl the Ace almost pitched a shutout against his old team.
Brad Lidge got back to back saves.
And our dearest Alex started hitting in the playoffs!!!
Isn't that amazing?

Fernando Alejandro said...

Ruthie I agree, I didn't expect a duel at all. I think the Angels are going to be tough, but we can beat them. The wait is killer, and I'm not going to be able to watch the first two games! I'll just have to have a radio going at all times.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Raven, so true! I'm happy for Lidge, he's had a tough season. I just hope A-Rod continues his onslaught against the Angels. More importantly, other players need to start stepping up too. I'm looking at you Damon.