Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Not to Sound Cocky but...

That was an amazing win last night by the Twins, and an exciting game all around. The Twins will be coming into tonights series with a good amount of momentum going their way. That being said, I just don't think they have what it takes to beat us. Now, I'm not writing them off or saying that the Yankees can take it easy. Not at all. They're a contending team and the Yankees need to face them appropriately. But the Yankees have the better team, and I really don't see the Twins taking this series. They could always surprise us, but I guess we'll see tonight.

October baseball is the most amazing baseball you can ever watch. I'm already feeling excited about tonights game. Waiting for 6pm is going to be torture. I'm sure a lot of you out there are feeling the same way. So to help pass the time, ponder this question:

Which Yankee player impressed you the most this season, and why?

Its a tough question seeing as so many players did so many things well this year, but I'll have to respect the gangster and vote for Jeter. He showed us a lot with his defense, and his offense improved from last season. Not only that, but he swithced from the two-spot to lead off, something he didn't enjoy much back in 2005, and did it flawlessly. A .334 average, .406 OBP, 212 hits, and 30 stolen bases out of your lead off guy is pretty impressive. Plus, his leadership score of 97% is highest in the majors. An impressive clip!

So who impressed you the most?


Ruthie said...

nice. and your right, its easy to be like "oh the yankees will sweep in 3" but in all honesty, the twins have a potent line up.One bad inning, one picthing mistake, can toatly change the atmosphere of the game. I am excited to watch this game./ It was cute when sometime during the game (i think the end, idk), they were jumping up and down and chanting MVP to mauer...i was a lil salty,but he is legit/ best yankee this year for me would be A-rod. esspecialy what he pulled off in the last game, 7 rbi, 2 homer inning. even after being out of commission for a time, he came back and really put this team over. also, you dont hit a homer off the first pitch you see after being on the DL and not get props.. (he's still a cocky bastard whom i dislike personally)

cheshirecat9 said...

I am definitely not taking anything for granted and I like our chances against teh Twins. Should be an exciting series!
Like you said, it i hard to choose one stand-out player among a bunch of standout players. Teix and Sabbathia have done everything that could be asked of them. Pettite has come back strong. A-Rod and Jeter had great seasons. Mo continues to be Mo. But I have to give a shout out to Phil Hughes. He has really embraced the set-up role and I am very confident whenever I see him warming up. He and Mo almost make it a 7 inning game.

cr1 said...

Yankees in four.

Jeter/Mariano tie.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Its so true, its very hard to pick just one. So many Yankees did things well to get this team where it is. And I also agree that Mauer is legit. He deserves the MVP, and will be robbed if he doesn't get it.

Yankees in 4 would be my guess.