Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Game 1 Tonight

And its bound to be a good one. CC Sabathia vs. Cliff Lee in the battle of the Cy Young former-Cleveland lefties. The great thing about this series is how well we're matched up pitching wise. Lee and Sabathia are two legitimate aces. Hamels and Burnett are two strong pitchers but wildly inconsistant. Pedro and Pettitte, are two seasoned veterans with good post season experience. Then the offenses are pretty well aligned too. We have some bashers in A-Rod and Teixeira, they have some bashers in Howard and Utley. We have strong supplementary players in Matsui and Posada, and they have strong supplementary players in Werth and Ibanez. Our teams run deep with power, with a touch of speed. This series is going to be well played, and I wouldn't take anything for granted. Both teams are capable of coming from behind, and both teams are capable of shutting teams down. The Yankees bullpen is stronger, but if Brad Lidge has his game together as he has in the postseason, that edge becomes a little less sharp. Here's to what should be an excellent series.


Anonymous said...

The Series will only be excellent if the Yankees win. I only like exciting, thrilling, down-to-the-final-out games if the Yankees win!

Offense needs to get going!

Anonymous said...

Have I been missing that big, red "S" on Lee's chest all this time.
Nobody was going to beat him tonight.