Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hudson Brazenly Attempts to Upstage World Series

Today, "a person familiar with negotiations" (e.g. Scott Boras, for who, after all is more familiar with negotiations than Scott Boras?) announced that Tim Hudson is expected to sign a three year contract extension with the Atlanta Braves.

The news sent shockwaves through Major League Baseball, where almost every player and team executive had spent many a sleepless night wondering, nay, worrying about what would come of Tim Hudson's status with the Braves this winter. All over baseball you could hear people saying, "who is Tim Hudson?" and "I didn't realize Atlanta still had a team."

The timing of this "leak" is quite suspect, clearly an attempt to upstage the World Series, which has quickly become a footnote in 24 hour sports coverage. Take this breakdown of a recent Sportscenter episode for example:

Mins 0:00-29:30 - Coverage of the Tim Hudson contract extension, its ramifications for the Braves and sports finances in general.

Mins 29:30-29:40 - Recap of World Series game 1.

Mins 29:40-30:00 - Announcement that never again would ESPN let something as mundane and unimportant as the World Series interrupt coverage of the Tim Hudson contract extension.

Clearly Tim Hudson is out to steal the moment, and for the time being, he has succeeded. Will the public be able to recover in time to pay attention to the rest of this World Series? Only time will tell. One thing is sure, however, this reporter will not be sleeping tonight.