Thursday, October 8, 2009

RJG Reviews New York Key Chains

What do you do when you get all pumped up for the post season, watch your team win the first game, and then have an off day? We at the RJG like to turn to our extensive list of hobbies. But once a city bylaw banned jack-o-lantern baseball after the raging fires of 2002, we have had a difficult time finding a new fall related hobby. This was of course until we found key chain connoisseuring. Though not specific to the fall, we usually take up this hobby in the fall since our summer hobbies of watching baseball, and winter hobbies of following the free agent market have too long a seasons to find time for it otherwise.

Since we began our key chain connoisseuring we have both condemned and praised many key chains, and our reviews have either sunk or raised the companies we reviewed. That takes us to today. When Wholesale Keychains sent us their request to review their keychains we were excited for the opportunity. We also were able to put our other fall hobby into practice, amateur photography:

The set of New York key chains they sent us looked quite impressive, but looks can always be deceiving. So we at the RJG devised our 100-point inspection system for key chains. Here are just some of the tests we run:

The Washing Machine Test: Undoubtably, your keys and all connecting key chains will end up in the wash. How resilient are the key chains?

The Beer Opening Test: Some key chains have bottle openers. Do they work?

The Theif Prevention Test: Will your key chain deter theivery?

The Gangster Test: Would Derek Jeter use that key chain?

The Falling Down Vents Test: As the sole holder of your keys your key chains should protect against falling down vents, and crevices. Does yours?

The conclusion we came to is that these are very good key chains. They hold your keys, as advertised, and have New York team logos on them. What else do you need? Plus, as an added incentive for Yankee fans, the New York Yankees key chain naturaly displays alpha tendencies over other key chains:

Though we're not getting a cut of their profits...yet...we recommend Wholesale Keychains. Whether you're looking for MLB keychains, pepper spray keychains (high score on the theft detering test), and pretty much any keychain you could look for, try them out.


Raven King said...

Forget the keychains for one second.
Here's the cutest kitten in the world !!!
Btw, it has english subtitle.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Hahaha, you find the most interesting videos Raven.