Saturday, October 10, 2009

What A Game!

But I can't help but notice that it took eleven innings. WTF? It was damn near four in the morning out here by the time the game ended. Cut that $#!% out, seriously.

Big home runs by A-Rod and Teixeira, but A-Rod is really the story of this game, as he was the only player with any RBI through ten frames. Offensively, we rode A-Rod last night. So far, A-Rod would have to be the MVP of the ALDS, but I don't even think that award exists. If we don't win it all, no one will care anyway.

It smells like a parade through the Canyon of Heroes though.


Raven King said...

Truth is, we won the game with the help from the left-field umpire who happened to be blind.
Is it too much to ask for quality umpiring in the playoff games?
I want my team to win it fair and square.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Its been too much to ask in previous years so at this point its almost expected, nay promised!