Sunday, October 11, 2009

Here's a Conundrum

The ALCS will start on Friday, five days from now. The Angels, who today finished off a sweep of the Red Sox, will be well rested. If the Yanks don't clinch today, they will be less rested. But do we want that many days off? Or does that just kill the momentum? I'm not sure if that much rest really gives you an edge in the playoffs. What do you guys think?


anonymous number two said...

I'll take a sweep.

Fernando Alejandro said...

I'll take 2 please. 3 if you have them.

Quinn said...

sweep. so you can get the pitching staff in order and the bullpen is fresh

Anonymous said...

the sweep is great!
5 days off is bull. Why the HELL
does the baseball sachedule have to fit the stupid TV station's schedule?
who's broadcating the next round?
Boycott them! The next thing we watch on their damn network is BASEBALL!!
Git it on!
Damn that was fun to watch today!


Roberto E. Alejandro said...

yeah, I suppose this post is a bit of a moot point. What a play by Jeter and Posada to get Punto(?) at third. Just sick.

cr1 said...

Extra rest probably can't hurt when key guys like Posada and Rodriguez are coming back from surgery this season and even the healthy old guard are getting up there in years. It also means no need to ride CC like a rented mule. The older guys know how to keep themselves on track. Whether some of the young'uns or less experienced in postseason play lose their momentum might be more of a question.

Raven King said...

Extra rest killed the Colorado Rockies in 2007.