Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Haven't Been This Excited for a Non-Yankee Game in a While

For some reason I do not understand, I am actually excited for tonights game between the Tigers and Twins. The debate has been on going about whether its better for the Yankees to face the Twins or Tigers, and frankly, I don't really care who we face. Both teams have their strong points, but I'm not too concerned about either one. I guess what has me excited is the underdog story of the Twins. They were largely ruled out all month, until the last week and a half or so when people realized they could still catch the Tigers. Then the news about Miguel Cabrera partying with White Sox players and then coming home drunk and fist fighting his wife (it appears she won) has me leaning towards the Twins even more. How are you out partying until 6am when your team is fighting for the postseason? They lost that game, and Cabrera went 0-4. Either way, the Yankees start play tomorrow, and this game should be a good hold over for anyone fiending for some baseball.


Ruthie said...

yanks-twins.....its on tommorow bby...the game was riveiting tonight...but i think everyones waiting to hear the new stadium roar. i know i am.. time to beat minnasota like they stole something.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Not just something, but like they stole our mothers purses as she was on the way to donate money to the local orphanage.