Monday, October 26, 2009

World Series Bound!

Pettitte did exactly what I said he would do, pitch us into the World Series. He was a stopper, and gave us 6.1 innings of one-run ball. After Joba closed out the seventh, it was Mo time. And with blazing spitball after blazing spitball, the Angels were done and the Yankees were celebrating.

We now prepare for Philadelphia. The Phillies are a very scrappy team with an opposing offense and two very good starters in Hamels and Lee. That being said, I think the Angels are the toughest team we could have faced in these playoffs and we solved them with flying colors. We were never down in this series and we never lost momentum. Now we face the Philadelphia Fillies (see what I did there? I compared them to a horse, but a girl horse, which is sexist, but still, quite clever), and we're four wins away from a World Series.

Three words: Home, Field, Advantage. The Yankees have yet to lose at home this postseason, and the New Yankee Stadium is proving to be every bit the advantage that the old one was. Here's to a great next round.

Go Yankees!


cheshirecat9 said...

GO YANKEES!!! I am so psyched Andy was able to get his 16th post season win. Mo seemed a little shaky in the 8th but he got the job done as he always does. I think the Fillies will be tough, but I am very confident we can take them.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Yeah, there's a great feeling around this team. I think it's our year.

Amy said...

I was rooting for the Angels, that's too bad they lost. Go Phillies!!

Fernando Alejandro said...

That's two of your teams that'll be losing. Are you sure you can handle that?