Friday, October 23, 2009

Great, Another Off Day

At least this one's for travel. Bastards. So we didn't get it done yesterday. S--t happens. It's not 2004. One word: Stopper. That's what Pettitte's been his whole career for us and that's what he'll be tomorrow. Not to mention we're home, and I rather win in the Bronx anyway. The Angels are a good team, and beating them twice at home would've been nice, but was always unlikely. They're tough and have a great manager. They made the Red Sox look every bit the wild card in the first round. They sent Papelbon home crying after he had two outs in the ninth. I will say it here first, the Angels are the toughest team we'll play in the postseason. Sorry, they're tougher than the Phillies. Beating them is nothing more than preparation for the next round, so they might as well be tough. Here's to Saturday.


cr1 said...

Could this be the day that Joba gets banished from my sight until he can get his body and the bill of his cap both into major-league shape?

No matter how long that takes?

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

you might be waiting a while.

cr1 said...

Well, I've been a NYY fan for more than a quarter of a century, and I'm in it for the duration, so I've got the time.

And I'll try to have the patience, but that'll be harder.