Thursday, October 15, 2009

Its Friggin' Cold

This year, the playoffs and world series schedules stretch right into the beginning of November. Now if the Dodgers and Anaheim were playing in the world series, it wouldn't be that big of an issue, but I'm banking that the Yankees will be there, and the truth is, its friggin' cold in New York in November. In the meantime, we're waiting 5 days for the next series to start. If I were a baseball player I would not be all too happy, but the television networks need their air times, and they're paying big money I'm sure. So my solution? RJG should become an accredited television network giant. Much like Viacom, only much larger, and far more ruthless. The Angels and Yankees would have started playing on Wednesday under our regime. Today at the latest. But alas, were not a network giant just yet.

Much attention has been given to the Angels running game and how the Yankees will stop it. However, very little attention has been given to the one natural element that will slow down the running game: the friggin' cold. These Angels players are used to running in nice tropical weather. My guess is, at least one Angels player is going to pull a quad or hamstring trying to take a base. Probably Chone Figgins.

I also expect Angels pitchers to be less effective in the cold. Its harder to pitch when you can't feel your finger tips, and even harder after you lose your fingers to the friggin' cold.

So in conclusion, its friggin' cold, and its going to be cold throughout the weekend. If you're going to the game, bundle up, cheer hard to keep warm, stay close to loved ones, and buy plenty of hot cocoa. The RJG always looks out for your best interest.

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Roberto E. Alejandro said...

I think the cold fall nights is exactly why the Yankees put the Jack Daniels bar in the stadium. That'll keep you warm.