Thursday, October 22, 2009

Play Already

Is anyone else tired of all these off days? I can only imagine the next round of negotiations for scheduling the play-offs:

MLB Exec: We know you're concerned about your prime time line-up so we're willing to consider a game every other day.

Fox Exec: That won't work for us, we need prime slots for our quality programming, like Degenerate Wife Beater Island. How about one game a week?

MLB Exec: Well, I guess you have us over the barrel. It's not like we have our own network nobody gets. We agree.

Even if we win tonight, which we will, we don't start the World Series for another six days. Hell, why not wait until after sweeps? #$%*& that! Let them play already. It's completely ridiculous. Next year CC Sabathia will probably be able to pitch every game of the playoffs on full rest the way things are going. Since it's such a nuisance to the networks' scheduling, why don't we just switch to a football style playoff, where single games determine who moves on to the next round? Sack up MLB, this is a joke.

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cheshirecat9 said...

The scheduling is totally ridiculous. And of course something needs to be done about all the blown callsby the umpires. Fortunately we have a decisive, honorable and sagacious Commissioner in Bud Selig. I am sure right now he is hard at work solving these problems and forseeing future issues that may crop up.