Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Boras Contacts Dodgers

So the supposed large market for Manny Ramirez appears to be limited to one team. Shortly after the Dodgers expressed interest in bringing in either Bobby Abreu or Adam Dunn, Scott Boras has contacted Ned Coletti, the Dodgers GM, to talk about Manny. Though the Dodgers pulled their original $45 million two year deal with a $15 million option off the table, its likely they would put it back on the table. I don't know how much leverage Boras has with Dunn and Abreu still on the market, but thus far this is the only offer on the table for Manny. If the Yankees, wanted him, they could probably get him for 3 years and $65 million guaranteed, but the Yankees seem pretty uninterested. Then again, they seemed pretty uninterested in Teixeira until they signed him for 8 years. Though the Yankees are still under what they were last season, they've already started alluding to Pettitte costing too much to add, and that's a one year $10 million deal. Despite this, the Yankees need another pitcher, and at this point I don't really care who. Lowe was just reportedly offered a 3 year $36 million deal from the Mets, so he's likely off the table. I don't like the idea of filling the spot with Hughes, Aceves, and Kennedy, and I definetely don't like the idea of signing Ponson or any other fill-in to cover the vacancy. The Yankees need Pettitte and they need to get off this whole "not enough money" thing they seem to be on. They started saying the "we don't have money" thing when they were trying to deal Melky to the Brewers and wanted the Brewers to pick up some of Cameron's contract, but then they signing Marky T for 8 years and $180 million right after. We know you have money, and we also know that you have too many players right now. Deal one of those bigger contracts and sign Pettitte.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if public scrutiny will stop the Yankees from signing any more big names that they could easily afford?

I'm against signing Manny, Cameron or Lowe at this point. I'd rather see the Yanks get Andy for one year and a good utility infielder.

Great blog!

Fernando Alejandro said...


I want Andy, and I think we could get a good utility guy via trade (Chone Figgins could be an option), but I still think they should sign Manny. Right now, A-Rod is vulnerable. Giambi batted behind him last year, and though he wasn't the scary hitter he once was he still hit 32 homeruns and drove in 96 runs. Who will cover A-Rod next year, the post-surgery Posada? The post-surgery Matsui? Cano, Swisher, or Nady? Any of those guys could have great years next season, but none of them are a lock, and none of them are enough of a presence to protect a 40 homerun guy like A-Rod. The only two players readily available on the market are Adam Dunn and Manny, and I think we know which one carries the better bat.

Anonymous said...

I think Ransom will be just fine as the utility infielder, why get someone else?