Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Um Um, Those Words Taste Good

It seems that just when Sabbathia had his master plan to shop his Yankee offer to the Giants, the Giants said they weren't really that interested and Sabbathia saw the writing on the wall. It appears he will likely sign with the Yankees (I hope this isn't premature, then I'll have to eat this post too), based on the fact that Bronny C hastily abandoned Las Vegas to fly his arse over to Cali to meet with CC and company. So fine, Cashman was right not to pull the offer. Good for him, I hope he feels good about himself for making me look bad on account of my impatience (it's really just New York patience). I hope ninjas ransack his room while he's away and that he gets stuck with the bill for the damages.


Raven King said...

Is it time to worry about CC's postseason record?

Raven King said...

Can we trust Joel Sherman?

Fernando Alejandro said...

It looks like its a deal Raven. I'm a little weary of Sabathia's post season record too, but maybe him and A-Rod can over come that together.