Thursday, December 4, 2008

Braves Bail Out The Yankees II

Sorry Ed the Sports Fan, it looks like the Braves have bailed out the Yankees after all. Pete Abe is reporting that the Braves will likely sign A.J. Burnett before the winter meetings. I'm afraid Apple Juice is one gamble the Yankees won't be making in Las Vegas.

Pete is also reporting that the Giants will not be making an offer to Sabbathia. That means the Giants, Angels, and Dodgers are all passing on the Sabbathia sweepstakes. CC won't be playing in Cali, get over it big guy. His options now are to take the Yankees offer or take far less money to play in the NL on a non-California team. To think he could be really rich right now.

On a final note, one thing Yankee fans may want to get used to, though they may not like it, is the reality that Manny may very well be wearing pinstripes come February. The Yanks will probably sign Sabbathia, but Burnett is going to Atlanta and that will cause a bidding war for Lowe which the Yanks may not be interested in winning. They're not going after Marky T and they need some hitting help. Manny isn't going to get a very good deal elsewhere unless he accepts the Dodgers former offer (which I'm sure they'd put back on the table if he wanted). I suspect he'll be wearing pin stripes whether we like it or not.


Fred Trigger said...

If the yankees sign manny-though many might not like it- at least he still hits the crap out of the ball no matter what he is getting paid. Evem when he was "dogging it" he was still slugging over .500. Just my humble opinion

Fernando Alejandro said...

Yeah I think that people will dislike the idea of having Manny until the season begins and he starts killing the ball. The first walk off hit will make him a hero, and if he really takes it to Boston, then he'll be held an even higher esteem. I think what it boils down to is that in the playoffs, Manny's bat is one you want in the lineup no matter what team you are.

Anonymous said...

Don't say we're not getting Tex! Keep the faith. Yeah, Manny can hit, but we don't need another mediocre outfielder/DH.