Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Like the Way You Think

"It's embarrassing. Have some dignity!"
- Mike Francessa of WFAN, 12/09

Mr. Francessa has been railing all day about how stupid the Yankees are being. He thinks it is clear that the Yanks are being played and embarassed by Sabbathia, and that the Yankees should pull the offer instead of letting him shop it around to the Giants. Pete Abe, perhaps playing the voice of reason, thinks that it is fine for Sabbathia to take as much time as he wants. Abe is right about that, but that isn't the issue. The issue is whether the Yanks should let Sabbathia use their offer to get a deal he likes more from another team. The answer is no. If he wants to play for New York, he can look for offers elsewhere and then come back and see if we're still willing to talk. But I think, at this point, if Sabbathia signs here, he is in for an A-Rod type of relationship with the fans. If he even sort of messes up the fans will turn on him, because the perception, by and large, in NY, is that he doesn't want to be here and that if he does sign it is only for the money. If I'm Bronny, I pull the deal and sign Lowe and maybe a short term contract for Sheets. If Sabbathia realizes that no other offers he likes are forthcoming, he can come back and I sign him for more than his next best offer but I don't give him the original $140M. Sure, it's spiteful and unnecessary but it keeps costs down and Sabbathia had his chance for $140. I think I'll be calling Bronny later tonight.


Anonymous said...

the hot stove should be turned into the broken microwave. These free agents are drawing out the process...what the hell are you doing out there CC?playing black jack in vegas? just accept or deny already so we can get our rotation right..when you follow the offseason so closely like a lot of fans do, its pretty easy to get fed up with these free agents.He's weighing his options and thats all good..but i just wish he wouldnt draw it out.As a new york fan Iam very particular, and if I dont feel wanted, then I dont want you. First Impressions count CC..and as of now, your flunking big time... you big panda jerk!!

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Worderup! I agree. CC has every right not to want to play here or to shop around, but the Yanks don't need to let him do it with their $140M offer when the next best thing on the table is $100M. Pull the offer Yanks. Read between the lines, he doesn't want to come here. It's a sad state of affairs when you have to sell someone on being a Yankee, playing on the biggest stage in the world in the greatest city in the world. A-Rod has his issues, but at least he knows what he's got here in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Um...Why is it a bad thing if CC shops the offer around? If he signs with someone else for a larger sum of money than he would if the Yankee's offer didn't exist, how is that a bad thing for the Yankees?

And please stop with the ARod thing. He's payed to play baseball, and he does it well. Who cares why? Who cares who he's dating?

If CC doesn't want to play for the Yankees, it might have something to do with NY fans' senseless hate for some great players who play for them.

Raven King said...

A-Rod is not that great in clutch situation.