Friday, December 19, 2008

Sox Out of Teix Race...For Now

It has been reported that Red Sox owner John Henry has decided that the asking price for Teixeira is too high to continue pursuing him. This would seem to be a contradiction to a report from yesterday that stated the Red Sox were leading the Teixeira race. With the Orioles, Nationals and Angels all bidding for his services, it was just a matter of time before the cost started driving up, but the Red Sox haven't really done much else this off season. I suppose its still possible the Red Sox could jump back into this thing and are just bluffing, but it could also be that after the Sox heard that the Yankees were meeting with Teixeira, they got involved to drive the price up. Now that its clear the Yankees are not pursuing the first baseman, the Red Sox are bowing out. This wouldn't be out of place since it is what they did with Santana last season. This of course would mean that the Red Sox never had an interest in Teixeira, which really shouldn't come as a surprise. For starters, the Sox don't like to spend money. Not that they don't have money, but that they're very miserly with it. Second, they already have a first baseman who also happens to be homegrown fan favorite in Youkilis. They also have third baseman Mike Lowell who was injured last season, but should be ready for next season, and still has 2 years and $24 million under contract. By signing Teixeira the Red Sox would have likely moved Youkilis to third and then traded Lowell, but that's a lot of trouble to go through for a player that you don't really need. So for now, the Sox are out, but they could jump back in if they sense the Yankees are sniffing around again. They might also do it if Manny is announced as the next Yankee.


Anonymous said...

The way I understood it, the Sox met with Boras yesterday.
Sounds to me like that's what put them off.
Sounds to me like all the offers Tex is getting are pretty close. If getting to the playoffs is important to him, and a chance at rings, (And I bet they are.) the Angels have to lead the pack. (Money being pretty much equal.) Nobody in the AL West is going to be able to touch them for a long time.
With a viscious 3 team dogfight in the East, nobody is close to guarenteed a spot.
I think Boras is just trying to get those extra two years, and he'll wind up back in LA.
He's damn good, but he hasn't got a Cooperstown address just yet.


Anonymous said...

i dont mind manny at 2/60

Fernando Alejandro said...

Joe, Boras certainly appears to have that affect on people. I agree too on what you say about whether he wants to be apart of a contender. I think the Orioles would have a tough sell in that regard since the last major free agent they attracted they basically told they couldn't build a team around because he was too pricey. I'm pretty sure Teixeira's more costly than Tejada. Washington may be able to attract him if they show a 3 year plan for how they're going to be a post season contender. The fact that they're about to dish out this kind of money shows that they have funds somewhere they can use.

Quinn, 2 for $60 is too much! 2 for $50, maybe $54 if he's really whinning about it. The truth is Manny made his own bed. Years of being the Red Sox's headache is know catching up to him. No one wants to offer him a long term contract since he's a horribly selfish player whose only concerned about himself. That being said, I'd still take him for 2 years at $54 million. That's $7 million more a year than his previous club options would have given him.

TribeGirl said...

Tex belongs on LA, Manny belongs on the Yankees, and the HotStove season is over as far as I'm concerned. So let's make it happen rich and powerful people!!!(yep, Tribe's not even doing anything worth noting or caring about...Cleveland will be doomed forever in EVERY sport!!!)

Raven King said...

Cheer up, Tribegirl, you still have Grady, Cliff Lee and those vicious bugs.

Anonymous said...

i know you hate it but think about it... its someone to protect arod... i know everyone loves jete so do i.. but he cant protect arod. manny will

Unknown said...

Don't get me wrong Quinn, I absolutely want Manny. I just don't think the Yankees should pay him that much money.

TribeGirl said...

Trying to be objective for a second and forgetting my love for Manny, here's how I see it if I were a worried about Manny, which I am not. OK, anyway, I'd rather pay Manny a large ridiculous amount of money for a shorter amount of time than "be stuck" with him on the team for years to come since there are worries about his work ethic, decline, etc. So with the amount of money the Yankees have, seriously, an extra 10 or 20 million more than you WANT to pay to get a guy that will protect ARod, or hello? Nobody's said it, but ARod will protect him! Either way, you will have the two best powerhouse hitters in the game back to back? And they will be interchangeable in the lineup depending on who is crushing the ball or who needs the protection, who's slumping, etc. Not that you want to do that on a regular basis with ARods psyche, but you get my point. This is the beauty of a wealthy team. You have the luxury of paying a guy more than you really want to because he's what the team NEEDS! All of the other needs are met except center field, and you aren't getting Grady Sizemore. Do it!

Fernando Alejandro said...

I agree with you Tribegirl. I want Manny, but $30 million a year is steep. A-Rod doesn't even make that much unless he goes on a homerun chase. As I said, $25 million a year for two years with a beautiful payout and club option would be worth his while. Maybe you make it a vesting option that he could get if he performs well.

In any event, when is Sizemore a free agent? Hehe!