Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cashman Outbids Himself to Land Sabathia

It was reported yesterday that the Yankees had landed Sabathia to a deal ranging 7 years for $161 million, with an opt clause after 3 years. Cashman was concerned with beating out the next best offer which had been proposed by the Yankees at 6 years and $140 million. This may seem odd to those of us outside of Cashman's circle, but the reality of the situation is that Cashman may have an undiagnosed split personality disorder. Evidence for this theory can be found in Greg Genske's negotiation tape. He records his negotiations as a way to keep teams honest, but this tape also lends credence to the theory that he has this rare disorder. The Respect Jeter's Gangster blog landed a copy of this recording and transcribed it in this RJG blog exclusive. The transcript reflects what we believe is Cashman's split personality by placing the words offered by the alter ego in italics. Just know that this transcript may disturb you.

Greg Genske: So, $140 million and 6 years? My client is impressed with this offer, but needs to to consider his options. As you know he would like to stay and play on the west coast.

Cashman: Sure, I can understand that, and of course the offer still stands, but just know you can't beat that kind of deal.

Cashman: I think I can beat it Bronny. How does 6 years $145 million sound?

Cashman: Oh, that's a mighty good deal... for a sucker! I can go 6 years $150 million.

Cashman: If you think you're so high and mighty, why don't you consider doing what I'm about to do. We'll give you 7 years.

Cashman: At what price?

Cashman: 7 years and $160 million.

Cashman: That's a pretty steep price there, but you forgot the million I got from the Rasner deal. 7 years $161 million, opt out clause after 3 years. Can you beat that?

Cashman: No, you pretty much have me beat there. I love you.

CC Sabathia: I love you too. So, um, what just happened?

Greg Genske: Just sign the contract Charles.

CC Sabathia: There's my signature, I'll go tell my wife!

So as far as I can tell either Cashman has a split personality or he has the worst negotiation techniques in the world. Some believe it was this same condition that led to A-Rod's most recent contract as well. So much for all this fiscal responsibility nonsense, but here's my question. If the Yankees are making it rain on all these free agent pitchers, why is it all of a sudden so fiscally unsound to pursue a bat like Manny's? For a contract that would end in 2 maybe 3 years, its better to go big now, and have it off the books just in time to re-sign Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera who will age gracefully and lead the team to a new dynastic championship run.


Anonymous said...

Good one!
That's just about how it looks.


Raven King said...

I still believe Santana is way better than CC.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Me too Raven.

Glad you liked it Joe! I'm really still trying to figure this one out.