Saturday, December 6, 2008

That's Why Your Contracts Aren't Guaranteed

This whole Plaxico Burress thing has got me to thinking. Whenever a football player refused to go to training camp because they wanted more money, I always defended them since the risk of injury was so high and the dollars weren't guaranteed. But here's the problem, the NFL can't give guaranteed contracts. A good 79% of the NFL players are convicted felons/future felons/in jail. Imagine if they got guaranteed contracts, they'd all be sitting around in prison earning millions, meanwhile their teams are getting totally pavanoed. That's not fair. So, here's to the NFL. Don't ever guarantee those contracts.


Fred Trigger said...

the NFL must not have that strong of a players union. I mean, even the NHL has guaranteed contracts.

Fred Trigger said...

Also, its all about the signing bonus. Ty Law said he would sign a contract for $1 as long as the signing bonus was good.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

in the NFL it has to be about the signing bonus since the contracts aren't guaranteed. The bonus is the only thing the player knows he'll get to keep.