Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No One Invited to the Party

So the Yankees offered arbitration to nobody in order to control costs. They've also outsourced most of their negotiations. Part of the reason negotiations have been taking so long is that agents now have to call an 800 number and be placed on hold before the can talk to an associate negotiator. It's definitely cost effective, but of questionable efficiency. The new stadium will use 1/4 the electricity of the old one, as only 1/4 of the new stadium will even be hooked up to the power grid. This should avoid the sort of blackouts caused by the old Yankee Stadium a few years back. Also, all concessions will be green. Not because they're organic or anything, but the Yankees will be ignoring health regulations and selling moldy food. They will not buy more until all of it is gone. This new streamlined approach should make the Yankees champions within the next three years, so I'm all for it.

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