Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Last Note on Sheppardgate

Point of comparison and a good example of why at least one player should have been at that funeral. It matters.


Rich Mahogany said...

Of course the Knicks, in typical fashion, responded by trading Lee away.

The Yankees do a lot of dumb, insensitive things, but Sheppardgate surprised me. Everyone was available for CC's ridiculous birthday party at the 40/40 Club but no one could make Sheppard's funeral? I would have bet on Jeter attending, at least.

Perhaps it's Obi-Wan's fault, as he taught the Yankees that striking him down makes him more powerful than you can possibly imagine. Thus, why bother going to funerals at all.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

I don't even want to get started on the Knicks. Trade away the only player on your team who always hustled out there so you can sign a B+ free agent? Good move.

Sheppardgate was really surprising, especially on Jeter's part. I remember when Cory Lidle passed, Jeter, Giambi, and Torre . . . I mean Obi-Wan were all at his funeral. This makes little sense.

Personally, I blame A-Rod. Clearly he has corrupted the rest of the team and organization with his me-first attitude, slum lording, and whoring around town.

Anonymous said...

Why not? 3 years ago, everyone said "Jeter should hang out with him" because he is a big part of the team. So, what's wrong when they went to CC's party to make him happy? A lot of people choose to cheer A-rod only because he hit better than jeter. Blame him didn't "support him". They don't care who is classy or not. A lot of yankees fans hope yankees players can act like buddy. Now they really like brothers, why so upset?

I guess if only jeter attened the funeral,no one would care the funeral news or give him some credit. I thought maybe he is too tired to resist AROD.

And I just wonder why everybody give Giradi a pass? He didn't know either, and if he knew he didn't make sure some player can attend, or he give jeter a pass and lie in the press?

Rich Mahogany said...

Nothing's wrong with players going to CC's party. It strikes me as unseemly that many players went to CC's party but none went to Sheppard's funeral.

I confess I don't understand the rest of your comment, Anonymous.

Roberto, you forgot about ARod's underground poker-playing habit among his other corrupting qualities. ARod has taught the Yankees to gamble with life, death, and fate itself.

Anonymous said...

I saw where Jeter said that he, or the other players, weren't informed the funeral was happening. I don't know if the Sheppard family or the Yankee front office is responsible for that, but it's not the player's fault. The funeral was pretty quick. Maybe the family really didn't want anybody else there.


Anonymous said...


Maybe the family really didn't want anybody else there.
No,I heard that they reserved seats for player(I don't know it's true or not)