Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yankees in the Dan Haren Business?

There's a lot of reporting regarding the Yankees' involvement in the Dan Haren market. Supposedly they are interested if the price is right, which is probably true about any player on the planet who might fill a hole. And much of the coverage is probably due to the need to have something to write about, and the Yankees are always a story. My concern, however, is that if the price does fall to "right" territory, we might end up with Dan Haren.

Nothing against the guy, but I don't trust him on the Yankees. Haren does two things, strike guys out and give up hits. Lots of hits. Enough hits to merit a 4+ ERA in the NL West. Strike outs are nice, but strike out pitchers tend to have high pitch counts, meaning Haren is a guy who will give us neither length nor quality. I'm also worried that the reason he's getting hit so much is that his arm is starting to go (again, strike out pitchers throw a lot of pitches).

I could be totally wrong. Haren could be just the thing we need to help us, particularly in Pettitte's absence. That said, I suspect that if we ever do trade for Haren (and that's a big 'if'), we'll just be acquiring a very expensive (in money and prospects) bullpen piece.

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