Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Are The Yankees Taking It Too Slow?

The Yankees don't yet know what their budget looks like for next year. According to an article in the Post, Brian Cashman will not know what payroll looks like until next week.

The Yankees just won a world championship and could be forgiven for taking it a little easy in its aftermath, especially since the team doesn't have many glaring holes, unless you consider the rotation if Pettitte decides to go out a champion.

Other teams, including the rival Boston Red Sox, have probably been done with their organizational meetings for some time, seeing as their seasons ended much sooner than the Yankees'.

The Daily News is reporting that the Red Sox are making a full-court press to land Roy Halladay in a blockbuster trade that they hope to complete before the Winter Meetings (beginning Dec. 7th). So while the Yankees are trying to figure out their budget and taking Thanksgiving off, the Red Sox will be busy trying to make a trade for Halladay and sign him to an extension.

Halladay is the only player the Red Sox could acquire that has the potential to alter their position in the division. A front three of Halladay, Beckett, and Lester would be pretty imposing, even with Beckett's inconsistency. The Yanks need to stop dithering around and get involved in the open market. I understand if they're not that interested in negotiating with free agents right now as there is not much out there better than the three guys the Yanks will potentially try to bring back. That said, if Halladay requires an extension to accept a trade, you can't wait until next week to know what you're budget is when the Sox are looking to complete a trade by next week.

The Yanks do have one advantage over the Sox: AJ Burnett. Burnett and Halladay became good friends while in Toronto, and if Burnett helps recruit Halladay, Halladay could use his full no-trade powers to force a trade to the Yankees (unlikely, but not impossible). A starting three of CC, Halladay, and AJ would likely spell a new Yankees dynasty (so long as they stay healthy) and you simply cannot let Halladay go to Boston because you didn't know what your budget is yet.


Mitch said...

Perhaps the Yankess knew where they stand that's why they're still and unworried. Let's just wait and see on how things will turn out. Thanks for sharing. By the way, these free recipes and goodies for cool fans, will surely make you feel good!

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

While I normally delete spam comments such as the above, I'm letting this one slide. At least this guy (presumably) made a comment that was ambiguously related to the post and/or the post's title.