Sunday, November 1, 2009

Random Thoughts After Another Yankees Win

Brian Cashman took our last conversation to heart, removing his ninja costume and giving Post columnist Joel Sherman a quote (it's on the 2d page) after last night's victory. Speaking about Andy Pettitte recovering after the second inning, Cash is quoted as saying, "Veteran type guys can block stuff out and self-correct. They can take a punch in the first round and stick around for a long time."

Every time I see Matt Stairs step in the batter's box, I wonder when they changed the rules to allow members of the coaching staff to hit.

Apparently it's okay to like A-Rod again. I thought that had been okay for some time now, but this column does have some nice stuff about A-Rod's work with kids in the city (and no, he doesn't employ them in a clothing factory).

If the Yanks win tonight, they'll really be in the driver's seat. Ever since game 1, I wondered whether the Phils would pitch Lee on short rest for game 4. Everyone knows Sabathia's track record of pitching on short rest, but I'd never heard of Cliff Lee doing it. As it turns out, he never has, and he never will. At least not through tonight, as the Phils have handed us a pitching advantage by deciding to go with Joe Blanton. Hopefully it works as well as Manuel's decision to have Pedro pitch game 2.

Oh, and by the way, welcome back Yankees' offense. We've missed you.

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