Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Odds and Ends

In no particular order, here is a list of thoughts and observations going into the hot stove season, and wrapping up what has been a tremendous year for the Yankees.

-If you watched any of the playoffs, you may have noticed that the Yankees used 3 pitchers to win number 27. It was a smart move considering the alternative, but it also brings up the issue of our rotation. Joba was simply not good this year, and we really can't go into next season with Chad Gaudin, Sergio Mitre, and Alfredo Aceves battling for the 5th starter spot. If Pettitte decides to retire, we're literally looking at a rotation of Sabathia and Burnett. Joba should be given every chance to start, and we'll see if he improves. The Yankees would be wise to bring in another starter however, and if I have a vote, it'd be to wrestle Scott Kazmir away from the Angels.

-We had several role players on the team this year, all of whom did their part to help us get to and win the World Series. Among these players are Brett Gardner, Freddy Guzman, Eric Hinske, Jose Molina, Ramiro Pena, and Francisco Cervelli. Gardner, Pena and Cervelli are sticking around, but I doubt the Yankees will be signing Molina, and even if Guzman is resigned, he probably won't be spending that much time on the big league roster. That being said, I really hope Hinske is back next season. He is the bat off the bench we hoped Wilson Betemit would be, and with the ability to play the corner outfield and corner infield spots, albeit at an average level, he proves to be a serviceable bench player worth keeping around. Plus, Hinkse is a winner. He won with the Red Sox in 2007, made it to the World Series with the Rays last season, and has won with us this year. That's someone worth keeping around.

-Damon and Hinske have now won championships with both the Red Sox and Yankees. That's pretty crazy.

-Winning this world series brought up one sad point for me, and that was that we were winning it without Mike Mussina. He's like this generations Don Mattingly, only not homegrown or nearly as popular. Even still, it would have been nice to see him in that celebration after game 6 and the parade on Friday, not to mention in our rotation during the post season.


Anonymous said...

I realize this is totally stupid to say, but I can't be too sad over Mussina never winning because of what he said about Mariano Rivera "blowing" the 2001 World Series and "losing" the 2004 ALCS. I mean, those statements are factually true (though the 2004 ALCS one is debatable), and I know they were supposed to be off the record, but it's really an asshole thing to say that Mariano accomplished "nothing" in the years that Mussina was there just because they didn't win a World Series, especially after the 2003 ALCS. I mean, Mike, if you pitched better in Game 1 of the 2001 World Series, we wouldn't have NEEDED that Game 7, right?

Apologies for my rant. Moose did some awesome things in his years in pinstripes and it is a little sad that he never got his ring, but oh my gosh he pissed me off with that comment.

Your blog is excellent. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh - your pitching analysis is totally correct, though I dunno if I'd go for Kazmir for any reason other than to get him away from the Angels (which is a pretty good reason, hah). We need another reliable righty more than a lefty, IMO.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Moose often said what other people were thinking, pretty much to a fault. Like he was the only one to speak out about Carl Pavano, when everyone else was just giving the same old "He's our teammate" response that no one believed. It certainly comes off bad when you're talking about a living legend like Mariano though. Either way, I would have liked to see him win one.

And you know, I don't know about another righty. Not with the way Yankee stadium played. Of course, the right guy could make the difference (ie Roy Halladay), but all things equal, I like a power lefty over a power righty, and if we can get the Kazmir that the Rays had in 2008, we would have an insane rotation. There's no promise that he'll be that guy though so it is a risk, but he may be at his lowest value right now so its a good time to trade. Well, maybe not his lowest value, seeing as the Rays got him from the Mets for Victor Zambrano.